Methodist Women in Britain WCONTACT

Our friendly, informal group is open to everyone and we are always delighted to see new faces.  We meet at 8pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month, except for July and August.  We meet in the Church to listen to a wide variety of speakers and the talks usually last about an hour.

Future Programme

26 June
An organist entertains
         - Tom Barker

The entertainment for our Summer Concert will be provided by Tom, one of our church organists.  He will play many of his favourite pieces of music on both piano and church organ, illustrating his musical journey over many years.  This will be a 'ticket only' event – cost £5.

Proceeds to - National Brain Appeal
This is the charity dedicated to raising much needed funds for the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square, London.

Programmes, giving more details of our meetings are available in the porch and the Bradbury Centre.

Monthly Report

On a lovely evening in May, Chris Parry came to show us her paintings and sketch books.

She began by explaining that art is a gift. Right from a small child she had enjoyed putting chalk, paint and pencil drawings on paper, but she reminded us, a child's explanation of a picture is very different from how an adult views it!

Art is all about observation, which is why Chris always has a sketch book handy, so she can draw anything which catches her eye. Light and shade are very important. Chris likes to paint to music in her studio to fully concentrate, but over the years, especially when bringing up a family, she has painted in several different places.

For a time she worked for a Fine Art Company, describing the work that was carried out there. Chris exhibits regularly at the annual Wokingham Art Show held in St Paul's Church Hall, which this year runs from 20th July to 3rd August. She also runs an art club.

In Wokingham, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated by producing a long frieze illustrating the important events of the Queen's life. The timeline itself was painted by Chris, together with many of the individual paintings. These can be seen, reproduced on tiles, displayed at Wokingham Train Station.

No subject escapes Chris. She sketches cottages, birds, animals, objects, children, beaches- some imaginary, others real. It was a delight to hear her talk so enthusiastically and to share her talent with us.

Contact's Annual General Meeting followed, where it was agreed that, mainly due to falling numbers and the average age of the group, Contact would amalgamate with MORS from 1st September 2019, providing at least two members to serve on the MORS Committee.

Contact itself hopes to continue informally on the afternoon of the 4th Wednesday of the month from 2-4pm, in a room at the Bradbury Centre, yet to be allocated. Especially during the winter months, we hope some MORS members will join us too.

Judith Bedwell

Annual Report (February 2019)

Our friendly informal group is open to everyone, and we are always pleased to welcome new people.

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 8 pm in the Church, except for July and August, and enjoy refreshments in the Meeting Place after a talk lasting up to an hour.

This year we have had a wide range of speakers from a Marriage Registrar and Celebrant to hearing about the great musical stars of the 1950's.  Pam Thompson also came to tell us about her trip with Nick to Kathmandu, which included visiting Traidcraft suppliers.

Under the Contact umbrella, we have organised a trip to 'Daffodil Day' at Methodist Central Hall, which is always an uplifting experience.

We hope our meetings offer a real opportunity to learn more about a wide variety of subjects and to make new friends, in a welcoming, relaxed environment.