House Groups

Monday Evening House Group

Meets: Generally 1st & 3rd Monday of each month in a member’s home at 20:00.
Contact: David Morgan

We meet twice a month on Mondays.  We aim to provide a welcome and to nourish and strengthen people in their Christian journey.

The group has been meeting for some years and we have a mix of long-timers and new starters and people who dip in occasionally – giving the group a great mixture.  We comprise about a dozen people, though rarely more than 8 or 10 at any meeting.

We follow a bible-based theme, with the aim of exploring our faith and learning more of God and more of each other - though it is fair to say that we don't always stick too closely to the theme!

During 2016 we spent the first half of the year finishing off our study of Tom Wright's book – "Simply Jesus".  In the Autumn we moved on to a study of the Letter to the Galatians.  For the first part of 2017 we are looking at "Rivers of Justice: responding to God's call to righteousness today" – but are taking a short break from that while we study the Lent book "The Nail" by Stephen Cottrell.

Meetings are relatively informal – we spend almost as much time on coffee, tea and chat as we do on study.  Why not join us?

David Morgan
February 2017

Wednesday Bible Study Group

Meets: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month in the Bradbury Centre at 14:00.
Contact: Rosi MorganBarry

There are just a few of us, usually meeting on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays in Matthew, from where we will be getting a grandstand view of the progress (or otherwise) of the town centre regeneration this year.  Half of the time we coincide with the Alzheimer's café and it's good to hear the sounds of the people there enjoying the meetings.

Usually our thinking is based on the Scripture Union Lifebuilder books.  These are suitable either for individual or for group studies.  They present a Bible passage (or subject) in terms of a series of questions; beginning with general ideas and often ending with a challenge for our own lives.

We began the year with the book of Isaiah; the part of where the prophet encourages Israel to trust their incomparable God who will bring them out of exile into their homeland.  He speaks of the Servant of the Lord; we now see him as looking forward to Christ himself, and goes on to set out the wider mission of Israel to 'be a light for the nations'; now our role as the church.

In the New Testament we went through the Sermon on the Mount, seeing how much deeper Jesus' teaching went than the Ten Commandments and how much deeper than today's standards.  We wondered at the way the beatitudes seemed to be so contrary to common sense, but still very relevant.

These studies seemed to lead naturally on to the Fruits of the Spirit; most of them – for instance 'kindness' - coming down to what we do in our everyday lives.

We have a group in which everyone is able to make their own valued contribution to the discussions.

John Williams
Februart 2017

Thursday-At-Two House Group

Meets: 1st & 3rd Thursdays in the month in a member’s home at 14:00.
Contact: Malcolm Ray-Smith

We appreciate the hospitality we receive at the member's home - at the close of our discussion she provides us with a cup of tea and a delicious biscuit.

In the Spring of 2016 we completed our discussions about "The Gospel in the Willows" by Leslie J. Francis.  Then we spent several meetings working through the story of Ruth.  During the autumn of 2016 we spent time looking at the First Letter of Peter.  In the early weeks of 2017 we have been studying Old Testament Characters including Hannah, Abram, Caleb and Joshua and Elijah and will be discussing The Nail by Stephen Cottrell during Lent.

Family commitments and ongoing health issues have made it difficult for some members of the group to attend as regularly as they used to do; but whenever we meet for prayer and to study the bible we enjoy rich fellowship and encouragement.  Members each contribute a pound at each meeting.  From time to time we donate the proceeds to such charities as we feel led to support.  During the past year we made donations to the Church and to the Christmas Tree Festival appeal.

Malcolm Ray-Smith
February 2017