Christian Aid Week - 12-18 May 2019

Christian Aid Week, 12-18 May 2019, is the single biggest act of Christian witness in Britain and Ireland.  For thousands of people throughout the country, it's a way of answering Jesus' call to help people in need, and showing the community just how much good the church is doing in the world.

As many of you will know, we did not participate in a House to House collection for Christian Aid in 2018.  Along with several other churches we felt that the time had come to try a different way, as collecting House to House was becoming difficult for many collectors.  So this year we handed out Christian Aid envelopes on both Sundays of Christian Aid week to our own congregation.  These could be returned via the collection or handed to our reps.  The result of this new approach is that we raised a splendid £475, which was be added to the other fund raising efforts by other churches.  So this year Wokingham raised £5883.  The new Committee will once again try the House to House approach this year.

Thanks to you, Christian Aid has been there for the dispossessed, providing essential food and shelter for people far from home. And we still believe in life before death.

Christian Aid Week unites thousands of people like you to step out in mission.  Together we are bringing God's Kingdom closer, and together we are stronger than the storms.  Speak to Judy Jones or Cecily Amos if you can join us with the annual House to House collection.

Judy Jones  February 2019