Stewards’ Annual Report (February 2017)

So, we approach the end of a busy year which has seen the stewards enjoying working with Catherine as she has really settled in and taken so many things forward.

It was a great pleasure to welcome Andrew Honeyman, and Kate & Malcolm Souter to the team last May.  With their wealth of experience and enthusiasm they are a great asset, and it's really good to be back up to a full complement of 6 stewards again.  Having said that, we do still find ourselves stretched rather thinly at times and greatly appreciate the extra support we have had from John & Deirdre Williams and Joyce & Jim Dunning.  You will also have seen some new faces among the Welcome Stewards over the last 12 months.  This is a hugely important role and there is always room for more volunteers so please do talk to any of the stewards if you feel this is something you could be involved in, even if only once every now and again.

In addition to our very visible Sunday morning role, Stewards continue to sit on all Church committees to keep in touch with the all that is going on, and offer support where appropriate.  In October we hosted a Welcome Tea for new Church members.  It was a very relaxed Sunday afternoon in the Meeting Place giving everyone the time and space to have a chat and get to know each other better.  We have also looked after a range of more mundane but essential tasks, such as supervising a fire drill!  But we were very pleased to report that thanks to everyone's cooperation and good humour, the Church was evacuated in record time, which gives us confidence that in the unlikely event of an emergency everyone would be kept safe.

Thinking about it, the stewards' team is a good reflection of the congregation as a whole – we are a mixture of very different people, with different skills and strengths, but when we work together as a team, cooperating and supporting one another, we are in the very privileged position of being able to further God's work and show others his love and welcome.  We pray that as stewards, we can continue to do that over the coming year.

Liz Goddard & Margaret Brazendale