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Coffee & Cake for just £2!

Thank you to those of you who have already responded to our offer of Coffee & Cake for just £2.  It's so nice to see new faces coming into The Meeting Place, bringing in our 'special offer' cards.  If you know of any neighbours who might like to take up this offer, do pick up some of our cards from the Welcome Table, just inside the Bradbury Centre doors.  We shall continue to carry this offer as long as we can.

Our new range of traditional, teatime cakes are certainly proving popular.  At present opinion seems to be divided as to whether the favourite is the Lemon Drizzle slice (with lemon curd and drizzled with lemon icing) or our Coffee & Walnut sponge (topped and filled with coffee fudge icing).  Which do you prefer?

Lemon Drizzle SliceWThese cakes come from the Handmade Cake Co in Berkshire, and as the name suggests they are all handmade, using the same ingredients found in your fridge or larder at home, with each one iced and decorated by hand.  We are enjoying choosing different cakes for you to try – look out this month for the Chocolate Fruit & Nut slice.  It is just like the old-fashioned chocolate refrigerator cake with pieces of biscuit, walnuts, cherries and sultanas in a gooey chocolate fudge base, covered in dark chocolate!  To die for!

And don't forget, if these cakes sound a bit rich to have with morning coffee, you can always pop a piece in a bag, or one of our take-away packs, and have it at home with afternoon tea!  These bought-in cakes allow us to provide tempting nibbles during the week, but in addition, at weekends, we are delighted that our volunteer teams continue to provide home-made cakes of equal (if not superior!) quality to those of the 'professionals'.  We really are very grateful to you.

Milkshakes DWgOur Latte and Cappuccino experiments seem to be paying off too. It is encouraging that several of our regulars, as well as some newcomers are asking for them quite often.  You may have noticed that over the last few weeks we have been trying different ways of creating these frothy, milky coffees, and we think we have it sussed now!  Our new little electric 'whizzer' is effortless.  It froths the milk so effectively.

Update summer 2013: we are now creating our own ice-cold fresh milkshakes!

Update November 2016: New Coffee House Manager: Tina Randall has now joined us.

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Charity Coffee Mornings

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Annual Report  (February 2017)

Following the fantastic hard work and commitment of Gerry and her team, we were fortunate enough to be able to employ Tina as our new Coffee House Manager.  Tina started her employment in November and together we are working to ensure that we embrace the ever changing environment around us and remain a bust welcoming coffee ship and Community Centre.  We have already purchased sofas and new, easier – to – clean high chairs making a popular comfortable corner of the Meeting Place.  We have replaced some of the pictures with posters welcoming customers to join us, and introduced colouring for the children.  We have continued to maintain the busyness of the coffee house and are working together to think of ideas to take the coffee house forward, we are considering offering things like breakfasts and lunches and today as I write this we have had our new fresh bean coffee machine installed!

Claire Knight