Prayer Group

The Church has many meetings and activities, beginning the week with the Sunday services and continuing each day with different groups meeting to further the on-going life and work of Wokingham Methodist Church.  All of these meetings, and the people involved in them, need the foundation of prayer and this support is one function of the prayer group that meets each week at the Church, usually in John:

Prayer Group
Tuesday 10.00am

This group meets on Tuesday mornings from 10.00 to 10.30am.  It has the role of praying for the life of the Church, its activities, its work in the community, the well being of its members and world concerns.  We recognize that Prayer starts here with us but radiates out to many places, people and needs.  Contact: Rosi MorganBarry

Annual Report (February 2017)

The Tuesday Prayer Group continues to meet in John room at 10am every week 52 weeks a year.  The number varies from two or three to seven or eight, but we are always conscious that as we join together with a single purpose, God is with us.

Prayer needs come to us in different ways: via personal request; the weekly notice sheet; the small prayer box situated just inside the Meeting Place; the prayer web link: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; the work of our church and the churches together in Wokingham; awareness of local issues; the national and international news.  This past year, with startling news coming from the UK referendum and the USA presidential elections, we have been very aware of the need to focus on our country and abroad.  Local issues are not forgotten: our town regeneration and the flood of new housing have also been in our prayers.  Never forgotten either are the needs of our own church family, and we hold all those in any kind of trouble or distress in our prayers.

Someone once asked: 'Does prayer work?'  How do we answer that question except by saying if we did not believe it did, we would not continue to hold prayers in our worship, privately in our homes and in the small group which meets every Tuesday – and to which anyone is invited.

Rosi MorganBarry

So what happens in a prayer group?

We pray for people, places and events for which we have concern; this may begin with our church and its activities but also reaches beyond it into our community, our country and our world.

People are at the centre of our concern: those who are in need of prayer for many and various reasons.  We must therefore always be open to information about those needs, but such information remains within the groups and is treated with confidentiality.

Events near and far also demand our prayers: unexpected tragedies; natural disasters; wars, conflicts, crime, and the sorry day-to-day news from around the world.  We pray for those caught up in these situations; for those afflicted and those who risk their lives to save and help.  We pray too for both victims and perpetrators of crimes and conflict.

Some places in the world have particular and on-going needs and we try to remember those places where the news teams have left the scene but the results of difficulties are still on-going.  These can be in rich as well as the poorer countries and we pray for these as required.

Every prayer meeting is different, but usually begins with sharing information on particular concerns based on the events of the day and news about any of our number who are ill or in trouble.  We start with a reading, a hymn or a prayer from the Prayer Handbook or a thanksgiving for the day.  We pray for the spiritual activities of our church and circuit and the effectiveness of worship in touching people's lives.

We are sending out a plea for more people to join our prayer group which meets on Tuesdays at 10.00am, and another plea for information on which to base our prayers (see prayer requests below).

We strongly believe in the power of prayer and that it is a vital resource for the life of the church.  We also believe that with prayer we can achieve much, but without it we can do nothing.  We are sure that there are many in our Church who would appreciate sharing with us and we would love to hear from you.

Douglas MacDougall & Rosi MorganBarry
November 2011

Prayer Requests

prayerboardWThere is a prayer board in the Meeting Place right by the entrance for general concerns, and a box for private requests for prayer.  We are anxious that this board is used effectively.  You can also email us with your request.  Send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Contact: Dorothy Adams.  All communications will be treated in confidence, and you are asked to keep your requests brief (i.e. less than 50 words).

All these requests will be taken up at the meetings and we stress again will be kept confidential.