20130908 161339WChurch @ 4

Church @ 4 met for the first time on Sunday 8th September 2013.  We had a great time learning about the Parable of the Sower.  We started off in the Meeting Place making coasters and placemats with leaves and a verse from James 1, 'Accept the word that God plants in your hearts'.  We did some potato printing and made beaks to wear on our heads.  We then went into Church and had a short service with a video, stories, singing and some interactive prayers.  Finally, we all had a picnic tea and shared some time together.

The service was supported by many members of our congregation and everyone joined in with all of the activities.  The only slight hitch that we had was a lack of music, so we were reliant on CDs.  In future, I pray that we will have some volunteers who are able to play the piano.

I really feel that this is a key part of our ministry to everyone, young and old and will help us grow stronger together as a family of God.

Claire Knight

Church at 4 - a new service for everyone

Annual Report - February 2017

Church @ 4, our 'Messy Church' is held instead of our evening worship on the second Sunday of the month.  We are seeing a steady number of families attending and enjoying crafts, worship and a picnic tea.  We have found that the summer months tend to be quieter and this is particularly the case when other activities are going on around the town.  We sometimes use our own ideas and sometimes use suggestions given by the Messy Church magazine.

Claire Knight