Retirement Home Services

Continuing services take place at the following Retirement Homes:  Suffolk Lodge,  W.A.D.E. (day centre),  Meachen Court  and Alexandra Grange.  All take place monthly, Suffolk Lodge on a Sunday and the others on various weekdays.

A small group take these ecumenical services and we appreciate the invitation to go and we receive a welcome there.

Our aim, as always, is to share God's message from His word.  We aim to encourage Christians and to challenge those who are not.  Sometimes visitors stop to listen along with the residents and staff, though some quickly escape!

We gain much from our visits and mutually enjoy chatting a while afterwards.

We would be very happy to hear from anyone who would be willing to play the piano on occasions.  Our thanks for playing go to Audrey, Leslie and Nina.  We very much miss Colin, who is now unable to help us at Meachen Court.

Please pray for us as we lead or support each other.

There is an urgency to spread the Christian message in these difficult times that may not be possible in the future.

Angela Burrell
February 2017