Retirement Home Services

Things are changing a little with regard to the services taken at our usual visits.

Alexandra Grange continues with its warm welcome to us.  A good number meet in the comfortable lounge and staff attend.

Suffolk Lodge likewise continues with a good number in their lounge.  Staff are there also.

At Meachen Court, there are only 3 who regularly come, all of whom are able to get out and are regular attenders at Church.  At our last meeting there we discussed at length the purpose of our meeting as others from the Home did not come, though invited, and as we enjoyed meeting together, liked the idea of having a discussion group on Biblical issues of interest, perhaps over a coffee.  We next meet in March and will see how it goes.

At W.A.D.E. the timing has been a little difficult, with preparation of lunches going on.  Those who come seem to enjoy it and come in reasonable numbers.  We are now thinking of trying something different and, with the agreement of staff and those who attend, will meet monthly, as before, but on the first Monday of the month (second Monday if the first is a Bank Holiday) at 2p.m. (2.30pm from May 2018) over a cup of tea, to look at "Open the Book" for adults, looking at Bible Stories.

We will see how these changes go and rethink if necessary.

Our desire, as always, is to bring the message of God's love to those who are housebound, to encourage the believer and to hope that others will want to join us.

Angela Burrell
February 2018