Parent & Toddler Group


ChrisParry3WThe group meets in the Church every Thursday morning during the school term and welcomes all pre-school children and their carers.

ChrisParry2WContact: Jennifer Rodhouse  (0118 978 5630)

The session runs from 9:30 to 10:45 am and can accommodate a maximum of 36 children.  The last session before the Christmas break is on Thursday 13 December, resuming on 10 January 2019.

The morning consists of a period of free play with a wide variety of toys and crafts, followed by a drink and a snack of fruit and a biscuit.  Then follows a music session with percussion instruments, songs and action rhymes.

The children have fun while their carers socialise and have the opportunity to make new friends.

Pictures: © Chris Parry  

Annual report  (February 2018)

The Toddler Group continues to welcome parents and carers with their babies and toddlers on Thursday mornings.  We were pleased to welcome Jason, our Youth Worker, who started helping with the group this year, but sad to lose Claire to her new responsibilities.

We were sorry to lose Barbara who was much loved by the toddlers and more recently, Shirley who has decided to retire.  Shirley ran the Toddler Group for many years and for the last few has come to sing nursery rhymes with the group.

The group has been smaller than in previous years and consequently, we have had less income.  We have donated £600 to the Church and decided to buy new painting aprons and toddler cups this year, instead of making a donation to charity.

I would like to thank Jennifer who helps every week, Jean who stands in when needed and all the volunteers who provide the refreshments.

Judy McKenzie