Parent & Toddler Group

Meets in the Church every Thursday morning during the school term and welcomes all pre-school children and their carers.

Contact: Jennifer Rodhouse  (0118 978 5630)

The session runs from 9:30 to 10:45 am and can accommodate a maximum of 36 children.

The morning consists of a period of free play with a wide variety of toys and crafts, followed by a drink and a snack of fruit and a biscuit.  Then follows a music session with percussion instruments, songs and action rhymes.

The children have fun while their carers socialise and have the opportunity to make new friends.

Annual report  (February 2017)

On Thursday mornings, the church building is transformed.  David has moved the chairs and the space is filled with 36 babies and toddlers and their Mum, Dad, Granny, Auntie, nanny or childminder.  Nursery rhymes are playing on the CD player, but no-one notices over the buzz of conversation and occasional disputes over toys!  Everyone has been welcomed by name, first timers introduced to someone with a child of a similar age and new friendships forged.  The children play and get involved in craft activities until snack time, when they sit up to the table and have a drink of water, fruit and a biscuit, while their carers have a cup of tea or coffee.  Then Shirley gives out the musical instruments ready for 15 minutes of singing with actions.  As they sing 'Hokey-Cokey', the children know it is time to put on their coats, find their buggy in the vestibule and wave goodbye until next week.

As usual, we had two Christmas parties to accommodate everyone and Father Christmas (David again!) was there to give out the presents, including a beautiful Nativity book from the Church.  Toddlers also played a part in our Nativity service.

In 2016, the Toddler Group donated £300 to the Church, £300 towards Youth Work at Rose Street and £400 for SSNAP (Support for the sick new-born and their parents) at the John Radcliffe Hospital.  This was in recognition of the care they gave to one of the church families.

Running the Toddler Group is a real team effort and would not happen without the dedication of the volunteers and Claire - thank you to you all.

Judy McKenzie