Kate Souter

I was born in Lancashire, and attended the Methodist church in Royton from primary class through to Youth Fellowship as a teenager.  I studied medicine at university, specialising initially in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and then becoming a GP.  I worked abroad for three years, in New Zealand and then Gibraltar, before returning to the UK and settling in Wokingham.  I joined Rose Street when my two children Adam and Rachael arrived, and they grew up in Junior church.

For many years my commitment to the church was mainly limited to attendance at Sunday services and Monday housegroup, as work and home responsibilities took up most of my time.  Then ten years ago I was swept off my feet by a fellow church member!  Malcolm and I were married a year later.  Our wedding was blessed by the support of so many church friends, and I have grown increasingly involved in church activities over the last decade.

Following retirement eighteen months ago, this feels the right time for me to offer increased service to the church.  I feel slightly nervous in taking on new responsibilities, but look forward to learning more about the members and the organisation of our church, and to growing further in faith.