Holiday Club 2018 - Team Builders

For a week from Monday 30th July this year 47 children came to church and learnt about stories from the bible and what it means to be in God's Team.

The children were in five different teams named after football world cup winners. France were our youngest team aged from (nearly) five, then there were Brazil, Italy, Spain and the oldest group Germany.

Sandra 'Tactician' Taylor told the children stories from the old and new testament from Exodus, Esther and the Gospels.  Each story highlighting a message about being in a team, that no gift or skill is more important than another, that sometimes we are put in the right place at the right time and how no one can do everything by themselves.

There was drama from the young helpers 'Corinth Rovers' who reinforced the themes for the day as well as crafts including crowns and judges wigs, cooking from Joseph's technicolour dream coat biscuits to pizza and games and prayer stations.

The highlights were a visit from Reading Football Club's Community trust who led games on Tuesday and a tour of the Peach Place development on Wednesday which was great fun!

As always Team Builders would never have been possible if it weren't for such a fantastic team of committed volunteers including the young people who really pitch in as well.  This is by far one of our church's biggest family events, and the fact that children return year after year and bring their friends and family shows how successful it is.  I pray that these relationships extend beyond holiday club in these changing times for our Church.

Thank you to everyone on God's team for another amazing year!


PS. The 2019 holiday club 'Backpackers!' will be from Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August.