3rd Wokingham (Methodist) Guide Company


The Guides have generally had a successful year.  Our numbers have remained fairly stable with girls joining us from Brownies at the same rate as other girls leave.  However we now have a good core group of older (14+) Guides, including 3 young leaders.

We are desperately in need of more adult help.  Both our young Guiders left for pasture new last summer.  With me spending more time abroad that only leaves Hilary able to attend every week.  We have some supportive parents and many thanks to Joyce, Caroline and Marion who have provided a second Guider on occasion.  But we really do need two Guiders at every meeting.

We have undertaken the usual range of activities during the year.  The summer term included some popular outdoor activities, including outdoor cooking and finished with games on Woosehill and BBQ in Hilary's garden.

We returned to Heron's Wey for our Summer camp.  This is a spacious site with a good range of mostly Guider lead activities which makes for a relaxing approach to camping.  If the Guides are slow with the chores and therefore half an hour late starting an activity it doesn't matter.  The weather was pretty kind to us, however the Guides discovered the hard way that leggings are not sufficient protection against nettles.

The autumn term saw us embarking on a series of activities around the theme of honey, including a visit from a bee keeper, and tying in well with the theme from All We Can for Church parade on Harvest Sunday.  In the run up to Christmas we went on our annual shopping trip to the Oracle in Reading and spent an evening making Christmas decorations for the tree festival.

During the Spring term our activities have centred around Guiding themes, including preparations for some of our newest Guides to make their promise, and also music with some of the Guides working towards the music badge.

Each term we also make an effort to visit Suffolk Lodge for a sing song with the residents who seem to appreciate seeing the girls and, with the Brownies, we serve coffees, etc in the Meeting Place on a Saturday morning.

The Guide promise with its emphasis on spiritual development and service to the community underpins all Guide activities although obviously enabling the girls to have fun and stay safe has to be the priority.

Doreen Murgatroyd
Unit Guider, 3rd Wokingham (Methodist) Guides.
March 2016

Update March 2017:

Health issues have forced me to give up Guiding.  Hilary has been doing a sterling job in keeping 3rd Wokingham (Methodist) Guides going with the help of a parent rota but she desperately needs additional help.

Doreen Murgatroyd