Art Class

This course offers the opportunity to explore your own creativity and skill through
the use of a variety of materials and subjects in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
Some Art History is included as well as demonstrations of mixed media techniques.
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Art Project for 'Mark'
Images Copyright © J. Parkes

It will be three years in November since I was first asked if I or my Art Class would be interested in undertaking a project, to create an art work, to be displayed in one of the new upper rooms in the Bradbury Centre.

When I saw the deep red wall in 'Mark' it felt inspiring and soon came the idea of a medieval style frieze in panels to illustrate the parable of 'The Sower and the Seed'.

After much research, discussion and very detailed hard work, the panels were finally completed in July 2012 and can now be seen in 'Mark'.

Each panel was designed and worked on by two or more artists from the Friday Art Class.

I am grateful to Wokingham Methodist Church for the opportunity to work on this project and enormously grateful to all those who dedicated every Monday morning for two and a half years to completing the panels.

I hope the project will be of interest to all who use the room, both adults and children alike.

Jenny Parkes
August 2012