Reflection for the week 25 June

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me, let them bring me to your Holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. (Psalm 43)

My wife and I enjoyed a short break in the Lake District as part of a coach party organised in the local circuit in Lincolnshire where my wife's sister is a member. After breakfast each morning we had a time of worship thinking about some of the people that Jesus had met during his earthly ministry.

Then we went out in the coach to visit local places of interest.
On our way to a train ride and a boat trip on Windermere we stopped for a while at Cartmel where we spent time in the Priory. The atmosphere in the church there seemed steeped in worship and we felt a special awareness of being on Holy Ground. The silence of eternity in that place made an impression on me. We spent most of our allotted time in Cartmel in the Priory, much of it in their bookshop, and had little time left over to buy their famous sticky toffee pudding or a coffee, or to admire the coach park set in the middle of the race track.

During the five days we were away I bought four books, three of them at the Priory Bookshop. Of these two are by David Adams whose devotional books I find especially helpful. "The Wonder of the Beyond" is autobiographical and encourages me, and other readers, to open our eyes, ears and hearts to what is about us in God's "wonder-full" world so as to become truly aware of the glory of God in our midst. The other book is "The Road of Life" which has reflections on searching and longing based on some of the experiences of just a few of the pilgrims who came to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne during the thirteen years David was the Vicar there.

Malcolm Ray-Smith