Reflection for week 24th March 2019

"Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me"

I thought it was time to do some Spring Cleaning. Do people do this nowadays? It is a good thing, once a year, to go beneath and round the back of things that don't get more regular attention.

I know we live in an older house, but it really seems to hold the dust! Having had the cobweb brush out rather a lot and seen the odd wood louse appear, it really did seem time to get on with some more thorough cleaning.

It put me in mind of the woman in the Bible who lost a coin and had to sweep the house before she found it!

I discovered in the broom cupboard recently a very long soft-haired radiator brush almost forgotten. What an asset that has been. It reaches the spaces other things can't. It's a big job and one I still have to finish.

This all reminded me of our lives. There can be dark and dusty corners that need to see the light of day and be dealt with. There is also the joy of a clean and tidy life when old problems and fears have been dealt with and swept away. We need God's help with this. Let's talk with Him.

Anglea Burrell