Reflection for the Week 15th July 2018

'A stream flowed in Eden and watered the garden (Genesis 2:10)'

Water plays a major role in gardens. It supplies one of the essential needs for growth of plants, and in the form of ponds or a running stream it provides a habitat for wildlife as well as for flowers that prefer moist conditions. Plants in pots or tubs or troughs require regular watering and plants in greenhouses and hanging baskets may require liquid refreshment every day. In normal times most of the water needed to keep our gardens looking green falls as rain in gentle showers – and we complain when a storm provides too much in a short time and we suffer floods!

When she retired my sister-in-law decided to create a wildlife pond in a corner of a large lawn behind her house. The pond attracts visitors including hedgehogs and frogs but it was found necessary to protect her fish from herons! She found it possible to grow flowers that need waterlogged ground and damsel flies and dragonflies flit over the water, and while weed grows that needs clearing occasionally, the pond has provided much added interest and colour.

In periods of drought our plants can become stressed through lack of the life-giving benefits of water, and watering cans and hoses are essential tools for the keen gardener. People need water to drink, to wash and we so easily take for granted that potable water is readily available at the turn of a tap. So each time you turn a tap for watering the garden, or yourself, remember to say thank you to God for the gift of water.

It used to be the custom to include a glass of water and a piece of coal in the display of crops at harvest festivals. Maybe this is a custom worth reviving.

                                                                                                                                           Malcom Ray-Smith