Reflection for week 13th January 2019

He will reward our faithfulness...

"Have you ever wondered if the thoughts you have are God's prompting, or your own? There are ways that it can be more obvious if God is speaking to us: An answer to prayer that is beyond coincidence. A prophecy given, so long as it honours God. Someone may have a vision which is a clear answer to a question. Confirmation in the repetition of the same thought in a hymn, message or conversation. If we experience none of these and find it difficult to understand God's will, we may ask of God, why?

Job had a similar problem to understand why. He was a wealthy man with a large family and much cattle. He honoured and obeyed God and trusted him. Satan, hoping to deflect Job's loyalty to himself, asked God for permission to test Job. God agreed but said he must not kill Job. Job endured much suffering including misunderstanding from his wife and his friends. Job was patient in suffering but wanted to know the reason why. Eventually, God spoke directly to Job and rewarded his faithfulness by restoring his material possessions and family.

He will reward our faithfulness in His own good time and with His wisdom. How or why He does so is not for us to know.
He is God and requires us to be faithful."

Angela Burrell