Reflection for week 23rd September 2018

 What A Harvest!

Farmers and gardeners alike are at odds this year as to our harvest. I read that Asda have a bumper crop of apples already. At home Angela has also picked all our apple crop. That apple has undisputed, if lonely, pride of place in our fruit basket. We are warned (or promised for some?) it will be a poor year for brussels sprouts, but U.K. wine makers are excited at the quality of their grapes. So it seems the harvest is something of a swings and roundabouts thing. It depends on what you are looking for.

Some followers of Jesus were and are looking in the wrong place. Some looked for a harvest of worldly freedom from their overlords. Some looked for worldly healing of physical bodies. Some looked for provision of worldly food and drink. Some looked for a new worldly state in which they might have status and position. Some look for these same things still. All have in common that they missed the point.

Jesus worked to harvest souls for a joyful everlasting life in His Father's kingdom where all can be welcomed. All else depends on the needs of that mission.

John Burrell