Reflection for the week 13 August

Make yourself at home.

The offer is made so that guests feel welcome. But would the guests still be welcome if they proceeded to move the furniture? or even change it? or if they changed the decor because they didn't like the host's choice? or if they emptied the wardrobes and drawers of items for which they had no use? Of course not. No, the offer is made to enjoy the facilities as they are. They would surely be considered as outstaying their welcome by trying to take over.

Through Jesus, God has invited us to make ourselves at home in His home. We are not invited as visitors, but as family come home. But there are terms and conditions which God has set out. He is in charge. Church is His, not ours. The rules are His, not ours. We are not to take over. We are not to even try to change anything. From Adam and Eve onwards there have always been those who sought to persuade others to ignore the terms, and condemnation always followed. We are called to ignore those who would try, and be true to His calling.

John Burrell