Pastoral Letter (February 2019)

From Revd Catherine Bowstead

Dear Friends,

In our Covenant Service at the beginning of January we were reminded that:

"Christ has many services to be done:
some are easy, others are difficult;
some bring honour, others bring reproach;
some are suitable to our natural inclinations and material interests,
others are contrary to both;
in some we may please Christ and please ourselves;
in others we cannot please Christ except by denying ourselves.
Yet the power to do all this things is given to us in Christ who strengthens us."

And I offered the challenge of how renewing our covenant with God might affect our life-style, our use of time and money and our relationships with others during this year.

I asked people to reflect on how our covenant relationship affects our commitment to our church community here in the centre of Wokingham and challenged people to offer our time and talents in a new way this year.

There are many, many ways in which this can be done. Perhaps you could offer your time and talents by:

  • Contributing to our worship on a Sunday mornings by becoming a member of the sound or AV teams, joining the choir, offering to do a Bible reading, finding out what's involved in being a communion steward, or a flower arranger,
  • Helping with our work among children and young people in Toddler Group, Jesus, Crew, Chaos or our Holiday Club,
  • Perhaps you could volunteer in the Café Mosaic or help serve coffee after our Sunday worship
  • Helping with administration by becoming the secretary of a committee and assisting with our finances
  • Your skills might be practical so you could help to look after our buildings
  • Or you might sense a calling to care for others as a pastoral visitor
  • Perhaps you could offer to be a church steward
  • Or respond to God's call to be a preacher or worship leader

It maybe that the circumstances of life mean that at the moment you don't have much time to offer your talents to the church, but that you can offer treasure. The new year is a good time to evaluate the offering of money that you can give to the church and to consider whether you could give a little more.

Any of this we do in response to God's faithful and enduring love, he has given everything for us and we want to live good and faithful lives in return.

With every blessing

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