Pastoral Letter (October 2018)

From Revd Catherine Bowstead

Dear Friends,

One of the things I did while I was on sabbatical was to join a choir and I hope to maintain my membership of the Wokingham "Sing Healthy Choir".  The purpose of the choir is for people to come together, make music together and have fun.  We usually sing in four parts and it's an amazing feeling to sing your own part while others are singing their parts and know that together we are creating something beautiful.  Sometimes the sound is more beautiful than at others, but to see our conductor smile and nod because he's pleased with the sound we've created gives us a sense of collective pride.

Jane Bonney has told me the story of how the banners at the front of our church were created.  You may recall that this was done by a team of people with a variety of different gifts and abilities.  Some could cut out shapes or organise, others could iron or sew, and some were good at making tea.  Each person played a part and together they created something beautiful which was probably far better than any of the team could have achieved on their own.  I imagine that some of the team were quite surprised that they had contributed to something so beautiful as they didn't think that they were particularly creative, and no doubt when they stood back and admired their work, they too could rightly feel a sense of collective pride.

Just two examples of what working together can achieve which can remind us of how important it is that we work together within the life of the church.

I am so glad that our Coffee House is now called Café Mosaic and I'm very excited about the day when our Mosaic fish are installed.  For several reasons:

  • The name Café Mosaic connects our church with the Town Centre Mosaic trail, it puts us right at the heart of what is happening in our town and links us with all that's going on in the town centre.  This gives us wonderful opportunities to share God's love and all that is involved in his Good news with the people in our community.
  • Mosaic is a clever play on words for it links us with Moses.  The Mosaic Law is another term for the ten Commandments and the other laws given to Moses for the people of God.  So, Café Mosaic is a place where God's standards are important and where people are treated in a way that pleases God.
  • Perhaps most obviously, mosaic is the craft when lots of small pieces of glass or tile are put together to form a picture or pattern.  Individually the pieces are not very interesting or significant but put together they become something beautiful.  Our Fish Mosaic is going to be stunningly beautiful and it will provide a helpful metaphor for what the Church is like.

For our Church community is made up of lots of individuals each with different gifts and differing combinations of talents, time and treasure. If everyone plays their part, it is as if we are each putting a piece of tile into the mosaic of our church to create something beautiful for God.  I want to encourage each of you to think carefully about the contribution that you can make to our church.  Perhaps you could ask yourselves the questions:

  • What talents do I have? And how can I use them in the life of our church?
  • Could I give more of my treasure to help extend the work of our church?
  • How could I use my time to help the mission of our church?

When we work together we can achieve far more than we could ever do on our own. But when we offer our time, talent and treasure to God, through the power of the Holy Spirit working within us and through us, the results could be truly out of this world.

With every blessing

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