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mors - friendship for all

Meets: 1st Tuesday of each Month in the Church at 19:30.  Contact: Tony King

MORS is a Church Social Group open to “Methodists of Rose Street”, and to all other friends of the Church.  Our main aims are to encourage friendships to grow and to welcome everyone into the overall Church family.

We try to meet these aims by arranging:
  • A Monthly Programme of talks followed by refreshments
  • Visits and Excursions to places of interest
  • Concerts
  • An Annual Dinner and Anniversary Service

A further aim is to raise funds in support of Church activities and Local Charities.

Future Programme

 2 January 2019 (Wednesday)
The Secrets of the Box
        Tony Weston   - note change of date and programme

 3 February 10.30am (Sunday)
MORS Anniversary Service
        Revd Martin Turner, MORS Choir

 5 February
The Royal Swans
        David Barber

13 February
Annual Dinner at Sandmartins Golf Club
        Tickets required

 5 March
On Guard
        Sgt Maj. Shaun McCormack: Queen's Bodyguard - Yeoman of the Guard

 2 April
The Queen's Other Houses
        Ian Black

 7 Mayl
The 30s
        Tony King

 4 June
Japan - its Landscape & Wildlife
        Nigel Glover-Wright

18 June
Outing to Hever Castle
        Booking required

 2 July
All you wanted to know about Dowsing
        Michael Haxeltine

 6 August
Outing to Frogmore House and The Savill Garden
        Booking required

Monthly Review
Event Reports

Although we had been expecting Bob Whelpton to be our speaker at our December meeting, it was his son, Peter, who turned up to promote the history and joys of chocolate.  The story starts away back, even in B.C. years, in Central America where the cacao bean was first cultivated.  Indeed, the Aztecs used it as a form of currency as well as a drink, adding spices to reduce its bitterness.  In the 1500s, the conquering Spaniards took over the trade, bringing it to Europe and adding sugar to make it more palatable to that market.  Colonising Europeans, and the involvement of slaves, saw that plantations quickly developed in Africa, so much so that nowadays roughly three quarters of the world's cocoa is grown in Africa, largely the Ivory Coast.

It was Joseph Fry, in the 1800s, who first produced a solid chocolate bar and Nestlé and Lindt were quick to follow, their recipe ensuring a lower melting point for continental use.  Offering samples to all, Peter assured us that 'chocolate is good for us', the darker the better (white chocolate not strictly chocolate since no cocoa involved), and that UK is only fourth in the list of most chocolate eaters behind Switzerland, Belgium and ... Ireland!

Future Events

In the New Year there will be some changes to our published programme - our January meeting will now take place on the 2nd, which is a Wednesday evening.  It will start at the same time, 7.30pm, but our speaker will now be Tony Weston and he will be giving his presentation 'The Secrets of the Box'.  And on Sunday 3rd February at 10.30 the MORS Anniversary Service will be taken by Revd. Martin Turner, formerly of Westminster Central Hall.

We would like to let you know of an additional outing MORS have arranged – a combined visit to Frogmore House and The Savill Garden in August 2019.  With Harry and Meghan about to move into Frogmore Cottage, we thought it might be interesting to visit the main house on the Frogmore Estate, purchased by George III for his wife Queen Charlotte.  Not usually open to the public, we have the offer of a group visit on Tuesday 6th August and will be combining this with a visit to The Savill Gardens, one of the finest royal gardens within Windsor Great Park.

Andrew Honeyman

Annual Review  (February 2018)

It's worth drawing to attention the aim of MORS which is not only for members of the Church but also in our outreach to the wider community – we meet this aim by arranging:

· A Monthly Programme of talks followed by refreshments.
· Visits and Excursions to places of interest
· Concerts
· An Annual Dinner and Anniversary Service

A further aim is to raise funds to support Church activities and Local Charities.

This past year MORS has again enjoyed a full programme with strong support for our activities.  An average of around 60 people attended our monthly talks which were far ranging from the production of 'A Painting Before Your Eyes' to 'The Changing Face of Reading' in photographs.  It's also a pleasure to see everyone staying on afterwards in the Meeting Place to enjoy refreshments and a chat.

We also enjoyed visits to Sudeley Castle and to Windsor Castle - decorated with Christmas trees.

We welcomed back the Revd. Nick Thompson to conduct our Anniversary Service in February.  Community Hymn Singing was led by Christine Barker prior to the evening service.  And of course, the MORS Male Voice Choir raised everyone's spirits by their enthusiastic and professional contribution under their conductor Eileen Goode - reaching the climax with 'We'll go in the strength of the Lord'.  It was a pleasure to have our own Minister taking part in the Service.

We maintained tradition by holding our Annual Dinner at 'The Bull' at Arborfield.

The Reading Phoenix Choir gave a first-class concert and, at time of writing, we are looking forward to the Reading Male Voice Choir in March.  Our old friends the British Airways Band are returning to give a concert in October.  We are grateful to Malcolm Souter for taking over the arrangements of the concerts in future.  The proceeds from the concerts make a considerable contribution to our Charity funds.

Tony King (Secretary)