Pastoral Letter (June 2017)

from Revd Catherine Bowstead

Dear Friends,

This year I have the honour of acting as Chaplain for the Town Mayor of Wokingham, Cllr Peter Lucey and so at the Civic service which we hosted at our Church in May I was able to pray for the Mayor and ask for God's blessing on him in his year of office.  The main duty of the chaplain is to lead prayers at the beginning of each full meeting of the Town Council.  My clergy colleagues who have filled this role in the past few years and I see it as a wonderful opportunity to pray for our councillors and the work that they do on our behalf.  It's also an opportunity for me to get to know the councillors and the workings of the Town Council.  I am mindful that it is very important for us to work together in partnership with other churches and the council for the good of our town and I hope that I can play my part in fostering those good relationships.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing our anniversary exhibition about the 200 years of our Church's life and witness.  Perhaps you were amused to see pictures of yourself and others looking much younger!  Hopefully the exhibition has brought back happy memories and maybe you have learnt something about the history of our church.  It took vision and courage 200 years ago for Revd John Waterhouse and his colleagues to set up a Methodist Society here and the first few years were quite difficult for them; they were described as being "small and despised" early on.  But they persisted and so, two hundred years later, we are able to benefit from the work and witness of those early pioneers and all the faithful Methodists in Wokingham since then.

My hope and prayer is that our celebrations will inspire us to be faithful witnesses to God's love in our time, that we will discover fresh ways to share the Good News with the people in our town and that we will experience renewed energy to do "all we can" to help those in need and tell people of God's love.

With every blessing

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