The Church Choir at Rose Street is the only permanent one in the local Methodist Circuit.

Apart from the month of August and occasional holiday weekends, we meet on a regular basis throughout the year, on a Friday evening from 7:45 till 9:15 approx.  As well as leading the singing in our weekly morning services, we try to provide an anthem on a fortnightly basis, supplemented by extra items on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.

Annual Report (February 2017)

The choir has continued to lead Sunday worship, mainly mornings, and, I think, successfully dealt with all that has been put in front of it.  Hopefully, the congregation think so too and are learning the new hymns that have been presented to them.  Having had a few days' advance warning, I usually lead the 'hymn practice' before Eileen takes the reins and inspires us to learn other items for future use as anthems.  Without her we, and especially I, would be lost.

A few new faces have appeared in the ranks over the past year or so, helping to keep our numbers up, but there is always room for more, so don't be shy.  Others make guest appearances!  Of course, none of our activity would be possible without our dedicated team of organists and we were particularly sad when Colin had to withdraw due to ill health.  We continue to think of him and Margaret in our prayers.

Andrew Honeyman