Spiritual Growth – Annual Report  (February 2017)

We are a small group with a very important remit to look at ways of encouraging each member of our church family to grow in faith.

Following the series of Evening Services which looked at the Lord's Prayer we have organised two prayer mornings.  These have encouraged participants to explore the prayer at greater depth in the quiet of the Rose Room on a Saturday morning using different activities.  More mornings are planned!

The pattern of meeting for a meal and discussion at 6pm on the second Sunday of the month is continuing.  We are presently using material written by Vaughan Roberts, the rector of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford. 'Battles Christians Face'.  Rev. Catherine Bowstead, David Morgan, Rosi Morgan-Barry and Mike Goddard ably lead the discussion that follows the short video.

This year we are encouraging the church community to follow 'The Nail' by Stephen Cottrell as they journey through Lent.

Christine Morgan

Worship – Annual Report  (February 2017)

The Worship Directions Group meets about once a quarter to review and plan in order to enhance the quality of our Sunday Worship.  During Advent we commissioned some art work painted by members of our congregation which was much appreciated.  During Lent we shall be using a Lent Cross to help us reflect on Jesus' suffering and death.

We've also given careful though to our service of All-Age Worship and considered how we might make these more accessible and enjoyable to people of all ages.  All-age services are now planned monthly and all are invited to the planning sessions.  It's good to see the music group taking part in these services.

The group would welcome any insights or suggestions that you might have.

Catherine Bowstead