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Sunday 21 April

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Saturday 18 May

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Weekly Pastoral Letter - 12 April 2024

from Rosi MorganBarry

The Christian year is marked by the great seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter and Pentecost.  Our thinking and our worship is directed by these special times.

The rest of the year is ordinary time when we simply get on with life: earning our living; bringing up children; planning holidays; being busy in retirement; managing life's changes; celebrating birthdays, weddings, christenings; coping with illness; working through grief, indeed anything and everything that life throws at us.

In ordinary time the lectionary of the Christian year guides us through three years of teaching, with lessons from the Patriarchs and prophets, the music of the Psalms, wisdom literature, the teachings and miracles of Jesus, the work of the apostles and the struggles of the early church through the letters of Paul, Peter, James and John.

In ordinary time we have time: to ponder the great and difficult questions, which have no satisfactory answers (at least in this life) and worry over small issues that niggle us like summer midges.  We can take time to laugh a little, read a little, think a little, learn a little and meditate on our faith.

In ordinary time we can pick up a book or two which helps us to do all those things, to browse through on a rainy Saturday, a quiet Sunday afternoon or an evening when there's not much we want to see on the telly, or we don't have a meeting to go to.

Therefore, we need to take time to relax over faith questions and remember that God built leisure time into the week, the months and the year.

Rosi MorganBarry

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Weekly Pastoral Letter - 5 April 2024

from Revd Catherine Bowstead

Easter Cross 2024Dear Friends,

It was good to be able to worship together last Sunday morning as we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Together we transformed our sombre lent cross into a glorious Easter Cross. This transformation is a good metaphor for us as a church community.  Everyone was encouraged to bring a spring flower and place it onto the cross.  Individually the flowers did not look very special, but when placed together they made something spectacular.  Together we created a stunning piece of art.

In a similar way, we can each make a contribution to the life of our church community.  Each individual may feel that what they have to offer is small, not worth much or not very special.  But when they are used with the contributions of others, they can make something wonderful.  These joint contributions not only enable us to do good work together but are a visual demonstration of the risen Christ at work among us.

On 14th April, we’re holding our Annual Church Meeting when we have the opportunity to look back and celebrate what we have achieved together and to look forward to our vision for the future.  Please read our Annual Report carefully and give some prayerful thought as to what the future of our church might look like.  And consider what your contribution might be.  At our meeting we will elect our Church Stewards and Church Council members for the coming year – might you be able to serve in one of these roles?

This Sunday our worship is being led by Mike Bowstead, using the story of Thomas.  He’ll be helping us to explore what causes us to doubt and how we might encourage our faith.

I hope that you have a good week,

With every blessing


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