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August News

New activity:
     Fresh Start (2nd Saturdays, starts 11 September)

Activities resuming:
     Alzheimer's Café (from 8 September)
     Little Fishes Play Café (from 9 September)
     Jesus Crew (from 26 September)

Café Mosaic opening hours extended (from 6 September)

July News

Activities resuming:
     Prayer Group (from 28 July)
     Mini Holiday Club (4 August)
     Creative Spirit (from 1 September)

March News

Sunday Morning Worship in the Church resumed on Easter Day, 4th April.  Guidelines

Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Worship in the church resumed on Easter Day, 4th April and opened further on 25th July.  Updated guidelines.  The weekly pre-recorded services have been replaced by live service recordings as from 25th July.

Sunday 24 October

10.30am Morning Worship - Revd Catherine Bowstead

 4.00pm Remembering Service

Casting the Net

Wokingham Methodist Church Community News.

October 2021    690Kb .pdf file

Weekly Pastoral Letter - 15 October 2021

From Claire Knight, Church & Community Outreach Team Leader

Dear All,

As I write this, today is a lovely, sunny autumnal day.  I have already taken Bailey for a walk and enjoyed the fresh air.  I always feel I struggle as winter draws near, the shorter days and the cold, last winter was even more challenging than most but whilst the global health crisis is still very much at the fore, there is a quiet feeling of optimism this year.

Having returned to full time work in September, I am learning that recovery from such a long period of change can sometimes be overwhelming but sometimes slow.  Both have really helped me in my work over the last few weeks.  The Alzheimer’s Café has reopened and we have welcomed many new people.  Although numbers are relatively low for now, this is just right as we begin to readjust to being together.

Little Fishes too has been quieter than toddlers used to be, but that has been a gift as many of the toddlers visiting have never been in a big space with other children.

Café Mosaic however has been busy – we have taken the decision to close on a Monday as it was not successful, but we are already enjoying the benefit of opening for lunch on a Tuesday.  The café is a real community; we are loving the new range of cakes baked weekly for us by Beth and it is so lovely to see everyone sharing and enjoying each other’s company once again.

I have been heartened to know that God is with us and around us in all that we do, giving us just what we need at the right time, enabling us to show and indeed feel his love in all that we do.

As we approach the winter months, I intend to keep this love and nurture in mind, on the good and the not so good days.

Claire Knight

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Weekly Pastoral Letter - 8 October 2021

From Christine Morgan, Church Steward

Dear Friends,

David and I have just returned from a holiday in Scotland.  We stayed in a beautiful location overlooking Kirkcudbright Bay, in Dumfries and Galloway, with its large stretches of sand visible at low tide.  The weather rolled in from the west, bringing with it rain and strong winds.  In between the showers came the sun so the light over the bay was constantly changing.  It was an inspiring place to be and my paint brushes were kept busy!

Despite the changing weather the first few nights were cloudless and moonless.  The stars were amazing!  I have only once before, deep in the Canadian Rockies, been fortunate enough to see the Milky Way and here it was again.  Myriad numbers of stars far, far away in time, space and my comprehension.  One night we took a short walk along the lane behind the cottage, only possible because we used the torch on David’s phone.  Once the torch was switched off the darkness was complete.  We could not even see our hands in front of our faces.  If the battery on the phone had run out retracing our steps would have been very challenging, but just a small amount of light would see us home.

I have lost count of the number of times I have read, talked and preached about Jesus being the light of the world, but experiencing that utter darkness really brought home to me the importance of my faith in Jesus.  Without him I am lost and alone.  It took just the smallest amount of light to show us the way down the lane and back to the light and warmth of the cottage.  Maybe at the moment you feel lost and alone in the darkness of your worries and concerns.  The light and warmth of Jesus’ love is still there for you however small it may feel at the moment.  Keep following it and know that the battery will never run out!

Rosi MorganBarry will be leading our worship on Sunday.  The gospel passage Matthew 22 verses 1-14 tells the Parable of the Wedding Dinner.  Like the guests to the wedding we, too, have been invited to follow the light and to be clothed in righteousness in order to enter God’s kingdom for all eternity.  Are we going to accept the invitation?

With best wishes for the coming week,


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