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June News

Café Mosaic, which reopened on Tuesday 18th May in the Rose Room, is now returning to the Bradbury Centre (assess from Peach Place) from Tuesday 15th June.

March News

Sunday Morning Worship in the Church resumed on Easter Day, 4th April.  Guidelines

January News

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic now at the Bradbury Centre.

Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Worship in the church resumed on Easter Day, 4th April.  Guidelines.  The weekly recorded services are continuing.  Craft @ 4 is also running.

Sunday 20 June - Bible Month Week 3

Recorded Service and 10.30am All Age Worship

Mark 8:22 - 10:52  On the Way
Ms Sharon Wright

Weekly Pastoral Letter - 11 June 2021

From Christine Morgan, Church Steward

Appearing in April for as long as I remember, I always have been surprised that hawthorn blossom was referred to as ‘May’.  And then this year with the cold temperatures in April the hawthorn in our garden didn’t come into flower until the month of May arrived.  And, as the colder weather continued so did the May blossom, and what a show we had!  Tulips still flowering in May and, compared to last year far fewer days sitting the garden until the last week or so.  Did you notice how much longer the greening of the trees took?  It was though spring was stretched as slowly the trees dressed in their summer glory.  But although the summer seemed as though it might never arrive, we still depend on it and it has come in the end as the sweet peas sitting on my desk testify.

Life doesn’t always go to plan – the last year certainly underlined that!  Yet we have a dependable God who is always with us.  He is in control and he provides us with what we need.  We can see that from our reading of the second section of Mark’s gospel that we are looking at this week in Bible Month (Mark 4 4.1 – 8.21).  He equips us to be His presence in our world today, to sprinkle it with love, joy, peace and patience (Mark 6.6-13).  We can be bold as we step out in faith because we do not go alone.  Jesus walks every step with us.

As we plan the path forwards as a church, the stewards have been meeting together to discern where God is leading us as restrictions lift and we have the full use of our centre once again.  Café Mosaic will be once again opening its doors on Tuesday in The Bradbury Centre and we hope, in time, to add other activities, both familiar and new, to our schedule giving opportunities for us all to meet together and share the gift of God’s love.

Do take time to read these passages in Mark.  You will be left breathless by the action of Jesus’ ministry!  And don’t forget to book by email, or phone, if you would like to worship in the building with us on Sunday.

Christine Morgan

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Weekly Pastoral Letter - 4 June 2021

From Revd Catherine Bowstead

Dear Friends,

If you follow Facebook, you may have noticed the pictures of Craft@4 enjoying a Pentecost picnic in Peach Place.  It was a rather cold and breezy afternoon, so we were grateful that the Blue Orchid Café allowed us to shelter under their gazebo.  We enjoyed some delicious cakes and making the fish shaped windmills that Claire had organised for us whilst chatting about the significance of Pentecost.  So, we were very surprised when a white dove suddenly appeared in our midst and then flew off.  Despite our slight sense of shock, we saw this as a reminder of the Holy Spirit who is among us and within us and enables us to live as God’s people.

Another metaphor for the Holy Spirit is breath.  The Father is the architect of the Kingdom, the Son is the Word who shows us how to live it, but the Holy Spirit is the breath that makes it possible for us to do so. As part of our daily routine, we should ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit’s breath for this will give us the energy and grace to live as faithful disciples.  Faithful disciples who live good and holy lives who have the courage to share our faith with others.

As I mentioned last week, June is Bible month and we’re exploring Mark’s Gospel in our Sunday services.  This Sunday we’re looking at the first 3 chapters, so do find the time to read them before Sunday.  Maybe you could make a note of what you observe, particularly about the identity and mission of Jesus.  I am leading our worship this week and we’ll be thinking about what these chapters tell us about who Jesus is, his mission and his followers.  If you would like to join the live worship in the building, please book a place by e-mail.  The recorded service will be on the website by Sunday morning.

I hope that you have a good week and are able to enjoy the welcome sunshine,

With every blessing

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Easter Gardens

Easter Gardens

Many thanks to those in our congregation who shared their Easter Gardens with us.