Café Mosaic 

Kingdom CoffeeOpen: 10am - 12noon
Tuesday - Friday

Lunch: 12 - 2pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Wokingham Winter Carnival Sunday 28 November:
Open 11.30am – 3.30pm, serving drinks, bacon rolls, soup, cakes and snacks

Welcome to Café Mosaic!

Café Mosaic reopened in accordance with government guidelines on the 18th May 2021 and the hours were extended to the above from the 4th October.

COVID 19 Social distancingTakeaways will also be available for those wishing to sit in Peach Place.

We are so excited to see you! 

~ ~ ~

The Church Café was renovated in the summer of 2018 in preparation for the opening of the newly built Peach Place right outside our doors.

Café Mosaic has been named after the beautiful mosaic fish sculpture on the side of the Bradbury Centre.  Mosaics also represent what our Church and the Café mean to many people.  A collection of people gathered to make a fantastic 'whole' and volunteers from many different backgrounds help us to provide a warm, friendly welcome.

COVID 19 StaffTina, Claire and the team would love to welcome you.

Wherever you're from
 Wherever you're going
You're welcome here

Manager: Tina Randall

FSA Hygiene Rating 5 


With effect from 6th September 2021

Hot Drinks        
  Tea   £1.50
  Flavoured Teas   £1.50
  Filter Coffee Mug/Cup   £1.50
  Decaf Coffee   £1.50
  Café Latte   £2.50
  Cappuccino   £2.50
  Café Mocha   £2.50
  Hot Chocolate Deluxe   £2.50
Cold Drinks    
  Cartons/ Cans   £1.00
  Squash / Milk     50p
  Cake – ask at counter for available choices   £1.50
  Toaster Teacake   £1.50
  Bacon Roll   £3.00
  Snacks, Biscuits, Cereal bars   £1.00
  Drink & Bacon Roll Offer   £4.00

Card payments are preferred.

Lunch Menu

Served Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 12 - 2pm

  Bacon Roll & Hot Drink   £3.50
  Soup & Sandwich   £4.00
  Soup & Buttered Roll   £3.00
Light Bites    
  Beans on Toast   £3.50
  Cheese on Toast   £3.00
  Salads – Ham, Cheese, Tuna   £3.00
  Jacket Potato – Cheese, Ham, Tuna, Coleslaw, Beans   £4.00
  *Extra Filling     50p
  Sandwiches – Plain or Toasted
                       – served with salad and crisps
  Cheese, Ham, Tuna, Pickle, Tomato, Cucumber, Coleslaw    
  *Extra Filling     50p
  Cakes (Ask a member of staff for today’s cakes)   £1.50
  Crisps & Snacks from 50p

**Last food orders to be made by 1.30pm**.

Charity Coffee Mornings

We are supporting some national campaigns where the charities are able to provide publicity. There will be no stalls, but we will have regular opportunities to support these campaigns by buying coffee and cake – what could be better!  Claire and Tina will be looking for support during these Charity Mornings, and we hope, with your support, to raise significant sums to donate to these good causes.

Current planned dates are as follows:

Friday 3 December   Alzheimer's Society 'Elf Day'

On these mornings all monies will be donated to the charity - donations of cake always welcome.


Thank you to everyone who supported our coffee morning in aid of Children in Need on Friday 12November.  We raised £310!

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Annual Report  (February 2020)

Café Mosaic has continued to go from strength to strength and has shown good growth in the last 12 months due to the introduction of many new community groups.  These include:

Little Fishes

This new group was introduced following the closure of the long standing Nursery last year, to offer a space for mums, child minders and grandparents alike.  It allows free safe play for young children and social interaction for the mums and carers.  It has continued to grow in popularity since its introduction and it has increased Café Mosaic’s revenue with the second hatch open to the café kitchen offering organic snacks and light bites.  It is currently open Tuesdays and Fridays and we are hoping to extend this popular event to other days in the near future.

Parkinson Café

This group meets once a month in Café Mosaic and is NHS led.  It provides support for people who have Parkinson’s and their carers and is very well attended by approximately 25 people.  It is a valuable service for those who attend in a friendly, relaxed café environment.

WI Meetings

These groups have only recently started to meet in Café Mosaic once a month, and they have remarked that they love the space and friendly service from staff and volunteers.

Dementia Group

This is a new group set up and managed by The Link Visiting Scheme, initially for a period of fourteen weeks, but possibly longer if proving to be successful.  They use the hall for their weekly meetings, buying teas and coffees from Café Mosaic.  They provide a hot or cold lunch for their clients and it has been a very successful group and invaluable community need which in turn has also involved the Café in a positive way.

Along with the continued support of our very loyal customers, the Café is always busy with a lovely vibrant community feel.  We still run our Charity days once a month, where we have tried to choose a few lesser known charity’s this year including Amyloidosis, fibromyalgia and Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue.  These are always well attended and supported by our customers.  We also continue to have a regular monthly Charity day for Clasp as they are a big part of Café Mosaic.

Claire, Nancy and I have all recently completed our level 2 Food and Hygiene course which brought to our attention the need to make a few changes to the equipment we use in the kitchen.  This includes not using j-cloths to clean surfaces as they can harbour many germs and bacteria.  We have now also installed an anti-bacterial wipe pod which uses biodegradable wipes that can be disposed of after one use, to improve the control of any possible risk of cross contamination.  Blue paper roll which can also be safely disposed of is used for spills and drying surfaces.  Hand gel dispensers are on order to be fitted at entrance points to the Café and Centre, due to the current focus on infection control.  We felt it was only right that we take as many measures as possible to keep all staff, volunteers, and users as safe as we can.  We will also be having hand dryers installed in the toilets to reduce the cost of paper towels.

It was brought to our attention a few weeks ago that we should really have access to a defibrillator in the Café.  One of our elderly customers Jack was taken seriously ill and unfortunately died.  A decision has therefore been taken to purchase a defibrillator and to raise money in memory of our dear friend Jack.

We will have a donation box for Jack’s Fund at the hatch of Café Mosaic and will have a couple of special coffee mornings to help raise as much as we can towards the purchase of the defibrillator.  One of the events will definitely incorporate bacon rolls as they were Jack’s favourite.

Lunches have continued to prove more and more popular, although we are still only able to offer these on a Thurs/Fri due to restricted volunteer resource, but we do now have a good team with the increase of extra volunteers on these two days as we have become increasingly busy.

Clasp and Staverton House attend a choir on Friday lunch time and require their lunches before they start.  We are currently taking 15/20 pre-orders before the regular lunchtime customers which is fantastic news for Café Mosaic.  At the beginning of April we will be updating the menu to offer a few different options.  Claire has kindly been making a Chilli which we offer as a special some weeks and it has proven to be very popular so hopefully we can continue to grow the menu, slowly introducing more choice.

In November we opened for the Winter Carnival where we had craft stalls in the hall and the Rose Room which attracted many people to the Centre.  Café Mosaic offered jacket potatoes, bacon rolls and sandwiches, and proved to be a fantastic day where we took £500, so hopefully we will participate again this year.

The outside table and chairs proved a very welcome addition to Café Mosaic when the weather was kind through the summer months.  The card payment machine we introduced is being used frequently especially by the younger mums in Little Fishes so a very worthwhile addition.

My role as Centre Manager has been an interesting one this year, trying to build my relationship with the many different people that hire the rooms and enter the Centre on a daily basis.  I have worked hard to gain their trust and feel that I have built a good relationship with many of them.

Let’s hope we continue to have another successful year where we introduce and welcome many more people in to our lovely community café.

Tina Randall