Café Mosaic 

Kingdom CoffeeOpen: 10am - 12noon
Tuesday - Saturday

Lunch: 12 - 2pm
Thursday and Friday

Welcome to Café Mosaic!

The Church Café was renovated in the summer of 2018 in preparation for the opening of the newly built Peach Place right outside our doors.

Café Mosaic has been named as such as we will soon be unveiling a beautiful mosaic fish sculpture on the side of the Bradbury Centre as part of Wokingham's mosaic trail.

Mosaics also represent what our Church and the Café mean to many people.  A collection of people gathered to make a fantastic 'whole' and volunteers from many different backgrounds help us to provide a warm, friendly welcome.

The café is currently open from 10am - 12noon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and from 10am - 2pm on Thursdays and Fridays when we serve light lunches including soups, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and salads. 

Tina, Claire and the team would love to welcome you.

Cafe Mosaic photoWherever you're from
 Wherever you're going
You're welcome here

Manager: Tina Randall

FSA Hygiene Rating 5 

Charity Coffee Mornings

From 2007 until 2017 we held a Charity Coffee Morning on the first Thursday of each month, on the Farmers' Market day - these mornings raised the profile and created fund-raising opportunities for local charities.

For 2018 and onwards however the format of our Charity Mornings changed.

Instead of visits from local charities, or the local supporters of national charities, we are supporting the bigger national campaigns where the charities are able to provide publicity. There will be no stalls, but we will have regular opportunities to support these campaigns by buying coffee and cake – what could be better!  Claire and Tina will be looking for support during these 'new style' Charity Mornings, and we hope, with your support, to raise significant sums to donate to these good causes.  Current planned dates are as follows:

Friday 14 February   Berkshire Lowland Search & Rescue
Friday 13 March   Comic Relief
Friday 27 March   Amyloidosis Research Trust
Friday 3 April   Parkinson’s (Local Group)
Friday 15 May   Fibromyalgia Awareness

On these mornings all monies will be donated to the charity - donations of cake always welcome.


Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our Coffee Morning for Bone Cancer Research Trust on Friday 10th January. We raised a brilliant £163!

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Annual Report  (February 2019)

Café Mosaic has had a very busy and challenging time over the last year, but also some exciting changes.

The refurbishment and redecoration took place in the School summer holidays last year.  We moved the café into the main hall so we could continue to offer coffee and refreshment's to our regular customers.  It was a challenge, but with the continued help from everyone we managed and we were soon back in the main café area.

As well as the new colour on the walls the name was changed to Café Mosaic, as we thought that this would be in keeping with the mosaic Fish that will be put up on the outside of the building this year.  We also added new pictures, wooden fish, and a dresser for the cakes which have given it a more inviting feel.  The furniture has not been changed, but we have added some chairs with arms that have been very much appreciated by our less mobile users.  In fact we have received lots of positive feedback following the changes which suggests it was all worthwhile.

We have also installed a television on the wall that enables us to inform the café users of certain events and activities that are happening in the centre and surrounding area.  This is a much more efficient way to display these events and much kinder to the environment than the over use of paper.

All in all I think it has made a big difference and a worthwhile project.

In November we appointed Nancy Bryson as a new member of staff to work alongside myself and volunteers.  As my position changed in September to Centre Manager we felt that cover was required in my absence and my new involvement in other aspects of the day to day running of the centre.  We believe Nancy's involvement has helped to keep things running smoothly and provide another point of contact for the volunteers if any questions crop up in my absence.  Nancy has settled in very well and has proven to be a great help to myself, volunteers and all our café customers.

With the increase in custom it became increasingly clear that we needed to look into the option of a card payment facility and so we now also have this in place. Whilst it has taken some getting used to, it has been increasingly used over the last couple of months which means we do not risk losing custom if people do not carry cash.

Lunches have continued to go from strength to strength and on Friday 25/01/19 we had our most successful lunchtime to-date with the takings reaching £197.97.  This is more than £100 more than typical takings a year ago and I hope this will continue to increase over time as we continue to review and enhance our menu.  When Peach Place is open and fully functional we would like to increase the lunches to include Tuesday and Wednesday, but we just need to work out the staffing for his to happen.

The Alzheimer's carer's lunch takes place every 2 weeks and has been a very welcome addition to the group. The people attending are very appreciative of this event.  The change of day for the Charities to Friday has worked really well and with more people attending the centre on this day has proven very popular.

We already have charity days booked for every month this year including lesser known Charities such as Epilepsy, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Well Child which we hope will benefit from people's awareness whilst also raising valuable funds for them.  We will of course continue to support many of the existing national Charities.

Peach Place is really taking shape now so hopefully they will finish on time and the shops will be filled which in turn will increase the footfall into Café Mosaic.  We still have plans to have tables and chairs outside, along with blackboards informing people of our very competitive prices for coffee and food.  It would be lovely to welcome some new people into our lovely Community Café once all the work is complete.

So let's hope the next year is as positive as the last!

Tina Randall