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How to Book

Room prices and descriptions are given below.

Use the Hallmaster website link to check existing bookings and room availability - full screen recommended.  Please note that rooms are not normally available for hire on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

To make a booking enquiry use the message form or contact details on the Contact page.

Letting Rates 2021/22

Charges per hour
Room  Capacity Size  Registered
Not for
Main Hall   max. 100   7.5m x 10.35m  78sqm £17.64 £20.44 £23.16
Rose Room max. 50 5.8m x 9.7m  56sqm £14.04 £16.44 £18.78
Church - Front approx 50 8m x 5m  40sqm £14.04 £16.44 £18.78
Church - Flat area approx 80 8m x 6.5m  52sqm £15.78 £18.30 £20.82
Church - Rear approx 100   £17.64 £20.40 £23.16
Church - Complete approx 220   £27.30 £31.92 £36.42
Café Mosaic (The Meeting Place) max. 70   £15.78 £18.30 £20.82
Mark (Meeting Room 1) max. 40 9.75 x 5.1m  50sqm £14.04 £16.44 £18.78
Luke (Meeting Room 2) max. 40 7.25m x 6m  43sqm £14.04 £16.44 £18.78
Matthew (Meeting Room 3) approx 15 4.2m x 4.45m  19sqm £10.38 £12.12 £13.80

Use of other facilities per session
Facility Registered
Not for
Use of Kitchen - drinks & biscuits £3.36 £4.08 £5.10
Full use of Kitchen for catering £6.66 £8.22 £9.96
Use of Sound equipment £3.96 £4.38 £5.10
Use of Vision equipment £6.66 £7.38 £8.34

All charges apply 1 September 2021 - 31 August 2022 and include VAT at 20%.

Note the capacity figures above and in the room descriptions below are those that applied prior to the pandemic and may need to be reduced to allow for social distancing.


Capacity:  8-12 Informal
Size:  4.2m x 4.45m  19sqm
First floor (lift available)


Capacity:  40 Theatre Style, 24 Classroom Style
Size:  9.75 x 5.1m  50sqm
Full Sound and portable Projection Facility
First floor (lift available)


Capacity:  32 Theatre Style, 12 Classroom Style
Size:  7.25m x 6m  43sqm
Full AV - Sound and Projection Facilities
First floor (lift available)


Prayer Room
Quiet Room
Always open
First floor (lift available)

Main Hall

Capacity:  80 Theatre Style, 50 Classroom Style
Size:  7.5m x 10.35m  78sqm
Full AV - Sound and Projection Facilities
Ground floor

Rose Room

Capacity:  48 Theatre Style, 24 Classroom Style
Size:  5.8m x 9.7m  56sqm
Full AV - Sound and Projection Facilities
Ground floor - access is from Rose Street or via Café Mosaic.

Floor Plans

Lower Floor

Lower floor room plan

Access to the Rose Room is from Café Mosaic (The Meeting Place) or from the entrance in Rose Street.

Access to the Church is from Café Mosaic (The Meeting Place) or (for church services) from the porch by the car park entrance in Rose Street.

Upper Floor

Upper floor room plan