Little Fishes Play Café

Little Fishes

We re-opened the Little Fishes Play Café on Thursdays from 9th September 2021.  Closed 25 November, 23, 30 December, 24 February 2022, 14, 21 April.

Jesus' Crew

Meets on the first and fourth Sundays of each month during school term time in Church at 10:30 – we welcome all children who come to Sunday Morning Worship with their families and if you’re visiting we’d be especially happy to see you.  There is a Children's area at the front of Church to enable families with young children to feel more relaxed whilst they are in Church.  After sharing the first part of the service with the whole congregation we leave to have our own sessions.

The third Sunday in the month is normally an All Age Worship and so we remain with the rest of the congregation then, meeting together with some of our own activities at the front of the church.  We do not run during the school holidays, nor on the second Sunday in the month when there is Craft @ 4 in the afternoon, however we will have a few activities on hand in the front of the church.

We re-opened Jesus Crew on Sundays from 26th September 2021.

Contact:  Claire Knight

Annual Report (February 2020)

Jesus Crew still runs on 1st, 4th and sometimes 5th Sundays during term time.  We have a small team of volunteers but just about manage to cover our dates.  We are now using ‘ROOTS’ material and using the lectionary.  This means that families can carry on their discussions at home.  We now need to ensure that under 5s who come through to Jesus Crew are accompanied by an adult as there are only two leaders and often it can become difficult to manage very young children and keep the older children engaged. 

Claire Knight

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