Music Group

Music Group 2019W

Music group have had another busy year, providing music for worship once a month.

Working with the preacher, we are often able to help select hymns for these.  Having become very used to sitting in the ‘choir seats’, we are now trying out different arrangements and getting used to sitting on ‘ground level’ once more.

In April 2023 we had an informal Come and Play session, where a few of us got together to play a variety of styles of music and try out a few new hymns.

Some of us joined players from other churches in the Circuit in September 2023 for a service at Church @ the Pines, to celebrate Local Preachers who were receiving long service awards.

We were saddened by the departure of Liz Goddard in the Autumn 2023 when she and Mike left us to move to Cheshire.  Liz has been a long-standing member of music group, and we’re sure it won’t be long before she is finding new ways to use her talents with another group.  We are grateful for all her help, support and commitment to music in church.

In December 2023 a couple of us played Carols and Christmas songs during breakfast church – heavy rain meant a change of plan, as no one wanted to sing in Peach Place!  Bea Goddard enjoyed joining in with some percussion, and others sang along.  We were able to raise a small amount for Action for Children.

The friendships formed by our shared enjoyment of music, and the opportunity to use our talents to contribute to the life of the church, enable us to support one another.

We offer a warm welcome to other players of any age or experience to join us, and appreciate the encouragement given by the ‘early audience’ who arrive early to listen to our rehearsals!

Chris Rooke-Matthews
March 2024