Rose Street Theatre Club

The Rose Street Theatre Club (RSTC) arranges approximately 16 theatre trips a year, ranging from Popular Musicals to Classical Concerts, and from Plays to Operas.  All trips are by coach, picking up at a number of stops from Sandhurst through to Wokingham (including Nine Mile Ride, Rose Street and the Three Frogs), and the cost of the coach is included in the overall cost of the outing.

We aim to offer an exciting and comprehensive range of activities' and is 'a welcoming and safe way' to visit local theatres as well as the big London shows - something few elderly or handicapped people living alone would ever attempt.  We feel we meet the 'social needs of our community' in a very practical way, and have seen many friendships established that extend beyond the club's activities. 

Future Programme

16 January 'Peter Pan goes wrong' Ambassador Theatre, Woking (matinee)
5 February 'Dial M for Murder' Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford (evening)
23 March Magic Night at Sonning The Mill at Sonning Dinner/Theatre (evening) 
2 April 'Blood Brothers' Ambassador Theatre, Woking (matinee)
22 April 'Mary Poppins' Prince Edward Theatre (evening)
19 May Outing to the Isle of Wight and Osborne House Arranged by MORS
4 June 'The Red Shoes' Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe (matinee)
23 June Beethoven Concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Cadogan Hall (evening)
8 July 'Two into One' The Mill at Sonning Dinner/Theatre (evening)
29 July 'Hairspray' London Coliseum (evening)
23 November 'Pretty Woman' - The Musical Piccadilly Theatre - West End (evening)

Annual Report (February 2019)

The Theatre Club continues to be in good health, both from a financial and a membership perspective.  We provide fellowship and friendship to those already within the Church and also to many who have no previous Church connection, and feel we meet the social needs of our community in a very practical way.  Our varied and comprehensive range of activities are particularly appreciated by those who are on their own, and who are most unlikely to travel into London's theatre-land by themselves, and we have seen many friendships established that extend beyond the club's activities.

Following the untimely death of David Granger last year, Gerry Higson re-joined our committee at the AGM in November.  During this meeting our full and varied programme for 2019 was outlined, and suggestions for new theatre club trips were encouraged from the floor.

Our membership now stands at 530, average bookings are holding up well despite the inevitable increase in costs.  Not only are we having to absorb an increase in prices for popular West End shows, but from April 2019 we are also having to face an additional 'London Emission Charge' of £100 per coach every time we enter the capital.  We will continue to limit the impact of this as far as possible.

Gerry Higson