Rose Street Theatre Club

The Rose Street Theatre Club (RSTC) arranges approximately 16 theatre trips a year, ranging from Popular Musicals to Classical Concerts, and from Plays to Operas.  All trips are by coach, picking up at a number of stops from Sandhurst through to Wokingham (including Nine Mile Ride, Rose Street and the Three Frogs), and the cost of the coach is included in the overall cost of the outing.

We aim to offer an exciting and comprehensive range of activities' and is 'a welcoming and safe way' to visit local theatres as well as the big London shows - something few elderly or handicapped people living alone would ever attempt.  We feel we meet the 'social needs of our community' in a very practical way, and have seen many friendships established that extend beyond the club's activities.

Future Programme

8 December 'Top Hat' The Mill at Sonning Dinner/Theatre (evening)
9 February 'The House on Cold Hill' The Mill at Sonning Dinner/Theatre (evening)
2 March 'Best of Broadway'
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
Royal Albert Hall (evening)
30 March 'Singing in the Rain' New Victoria, Woking (matinee)

Annual Report (February 2020)

RSTC continues its role as a ‘social group’ within the Church and as such we are reaching out not only to those already within the Church community, but to many who have previously had no Church connection.

Our programme of theatre visits, orchestral concerts and day trips remain popular with our 500-plus members, many of whom live alone, and who would not attempt the journeys to either local or London venues without our help.  With the help of a very dedicated team we provide outings at least 15 times a year and members are free to select whichever appeals to them, seats being allocated on a ‘first-come, first served’ basis.  In this way we feel we meet the social needs of our community in a very practical way, and have seen many friendships established that extend beyond the club’s activities.

The MORS/Contact programmes are now regularly distributed with our postings and these have attracted several RSTC members to talks and events, with attendance at MORS major fund-raising concerts being boosted significantly by RSTC support.

Gerry Higson