Christian Aid

Annual Report (February 2019)

Christian Aid Week, 12-18 May 2019, is the single biggest act of Christian witness in Britain and Ireland.  For thousands of people throughout the country, it's a way of answering Jesus' call to help people in need, and showing the community just how much good the church is doing in the world.

As many of you will know, we did not participate in a House to House collection for Christian Aid in 2018.  Along with several other churches we felt that the time had come to try a different way, as collecting House to House was becoming difficult for many collectors.  So this year we handed out Christian Aid envelopes on both Sundays of Christian Aid week to our own congregation.  These could be returned via the collection or handed to our reps.  The result of this new approach is that we raised a splendid £475, which was be added to the other fund raising efforts by other churches.  So this year Wokingham raised £5883.  The new Committee will once again try the House to House approach this year.

Thanks to you, Christian Aid has been there for the dispossessed, providing essential food and shelter for people far from home. And we still believe in life before death.

Christian Aid Week unites thousands of people like you to step out in mission.  Together we are bringing God's Kingdom closer, and together we are stronger than the storms.  Speak to Judy Jones or Cecily Amos if you can join us with the annual House to House collection.

Judy Jones


Retirement Home Services

Annual Report (February 2019)

All services at the retirement homes seem to be continuing as usual with a small team to lead, or support those who do.  Importantly, chatting afterwards with the residents is valuable.

A good welcome is given at Suffolk Lodge, Alexandra Grange, and the W.A.D.E. Centre, the latter continue with 'Open the Book'.

Both staff and residents seem to enjoy the visits.

We feel it important to bring the love of Jesus to those who are Christians and those who may not be, especially those in later years who are unable to get out, and probably miss Christian fellowship.

Angela Burrell


AFCLogoAction for Children

Annual Report (February 2019)

Step out for Children took place in June around the lake in Virginia Water as usual and raised £330.  It will take place again this year on 1st June, information later.

Christmas card sales raised £330 and Collections £868.

Thanks to everyone for their support for caring for families in need.

Barbara Knee & Maureen Lewin


Fund for World Mission

Annual Report (February 2019)

Collectors and donors have very generously contributed £2035 to this worthwhile cause last year.  Anyone wishing to collect should please contact me through the church.  Thank you.

Maggie Shepherd


Home Mission

(Mission & Ministry in Britain)

What is it?

Home Mission supports a variety of important work in communities throughout the UK.  Every donation given, no matter how large or small, goes to help support those various projects.

What does it support?

Giving to Mission and Ministry in Britain empowers people to use their talents to do God's work throughout the UK through the following:

  • Evangelism, training and resources, nourishing new congregations, mission in rural areas and grants to local churches and circuits;
  • Support for children's work and engaging with young people;
  • In prisons and industry;
  • Interfaith, ethnic and community initiatives;
  • Supporting our heritage;
  • Making the best use of our assets to serve our communities.

Will my donation make a difference?

In 2017/2018 a total of approximately £200 was received from collection boxes and other donations.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave so generously!

We respond generously with our time, money and actions to help those in need.  In Mission Matters there are stories of the work supported by the Mission in Britain Fund in places all over the UK.  Continued giving to this fund gives people the opportunity to engage in mission and outreach in their local communities.

The leaflet below includes examples of how the money is used.  Please download it or contact Margaret Norton for more information.



mha logoMethodist Homes

Annual Report (February 2019)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Audrey Tennant for her work as MHA Church representative over the past five years.  She handed over to Gillian Wells in November 2018.

The annual MHA Sunday will be on 9th June 2019 with the theme of 'For all our tomorrows'.

MHA Boxes and donations over the year to August 2018 amounted to £429.  Anyone wishing to know more about MHA, wanting to have an MHA Box or make a donation should contact Gillian Wells.

MHA website 


Wokingham Night Shelter

We are one of seven Wokingham churches hosting the Night Shelter for one night each week during January and February 2020.  The guests will only come on referral from the council or Salvation Army and are served a cooked evening meal and breakfast.  The shelter is run by a paid manager and church volunteers.

More information is available via the Pilgrim Hearts website where you can volunteer, donate and learn more.  Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

Claire Knight