Christian Aid

Annual Report (March 2021)

This year is Christian Aid’s 75th anniversary.  Christian Aid Week is 10-16 May 2021 and is the single biggest act of Christian witness in Britain and Ireland.  For thousands of people throughout the country, it's a way of answering Jesus’s call to help people in need, and show the community just how much good the church is doing in the world.

The theme this year is A Reliable Source of Water.

Due to the COVID situation there was no fundraising in 2020.  However, the team at Christian Aid are looking forward in the hope that something can be done this coming May.

Here are some of their ideas:-

“Life changing envelopes – we are planning for house-to-house collections (depending on restrictions).  Also, the digital e-envelope is back and ready to share with your family and friends.  Our specially designed ‘delivery only’ envelope allows you to stamp, print, label or write on your envelopes to tell supporters where to drop their donation.  Your drop off point could be your church, home or a local business and with delivery only: there’s no need to knock or collect and you can cover more homes.

“Take the challenge - Join our 300,000 steps challenge in May.

Naturally, we don’t know what the coronavirus situation will be like in May this year, but we will keep you informed.

Judy Jones


Retirement Home Services

Annual Report (February 2020)

At Suffolk Lodge, we visit on the first Sunday in the month, bringing, in a short service, a Bible message, some singing and prayer, and spending some time chatting to the residents too.

Similarly, the following week and on Thursday mornings monthly, we are at Alexandra Grange.

Both of these Homes give us a warm welcome and the residents seem pleased to see us.

Rosi & Lesley are at the WADE Day Centre on the first Monday of the month to read a Bible Story to those in the lounge.  Anyone who would like to help with these visits would be welcome.

We are thankful for the musical help with the singing from Leslie, Kim & Rosi.

Angela Burrell


mha logoMethodist Homes

Annual Report (February 2020)

MHA Boxes and Donations over the year to August 2019 amounted to £244.  I would like to thank to those who continue to give generously to this worthwhile charity.

Gillian Wells

MHA website 



Annual Report (Year ended August 2020)

Junior Mission for All (JMA) is a fun way of encouraging children and young people to engage with God’s mission in Britain and throughout the world.  It has the added benefit that we get to know people in our own Church better as the young people, during normal times, collect their subscriptions from or shake their boxes at the wider congregation.

The 2019/20 year started of extremely promising with three collectors having a book and two others doing an amazing job on a Sunday with their collecting boxes.  By the 1st lockdown in March 2019 we had already raised £798 but sadly we were not able to resume collecting for the remainder of the year.

We were unable to do the JMA awards this year and so I will roll all the totals over to the next award service where we can recognise all the wonderful efforts of our collectors.

People of all ages can take a box and fill it with it with your spare change (not that we seem to get much these days) and If you have a box already please keep hold of it until we can reopen for normal worship when I will be delighted to collect from you.  If it is full then please empty into a small bag and continue to keep filling the pot, I am happy to receive donations in all forms of receptacles!

As always, any general donations the congregation would like to make would be gratefully received.  If you would like to make a donation in the current situation then please pay into the Church bank account with the description JMA so it can be identified.

Many, many thanks to the congregation for your continued support in helping our Church achieve its vision as it is more important than ever that we continue raising money for mission and outreach.

Gill Manning


Wokingham Night Shelter

We are one of seven Wokingham churches hosting the Night Shelter for one night each week during January and February 2020.  The guests will only come on referral from the council or Salvation Army and are served a cooked evening meal and breakfast.  The shelter is run by a paid manager and church volunteers.

More information is available via the Pilgrim Hearts website where you can volunteer, donate and learn more.  Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

Annual Report (February 2020)

The night shelter has run from 1st January until 29th February.  Churches involved were Kings, Corpus Christi, Salvation Army, All Saints, Norreys, Wokingham Baptist Church and of course ourselves.  The shelter has not been without its challenges, but all of the guests (between 2 and 8) we have welcomed have benefitted from warmth, shelter and hot meals.  I am so blessed to have had so much support in resourcing the shelter in terms of equipment, clothes and food and also time given to man it.  I am especially grateful to Christ Church for all of their support and time.  They have been amazing and we have benefitted from spending time with them and sharing the experience with them.  A review meeting is due in the next few weeks to feedback and discern whether we continue the shelter next winter.  I have enjoyed the relationships I have formed with people from other churches in the town in undertaking this valuable work. 

Claire Knight


Home Mission

(Mission & Ministry in Britain)

What is it?

Home Mission supports a variety of important work in communities throughout the UK.  Every donation given, no matter how large or small, goes to help support those various projects.

What does it support?

Giving to Mission and Ministry in Britain empowers people to use their talents to do God's work throughout the UK through the following:

  • Evangelism, training and resources, nourishing new congregations, mission in rural areas and grants to local churches and circuits;
  • Support for children's work and engaging with young people;
  • In prisons and industry;
  • Interfaith, ethnic and community initiatives;
  • Supporting our heritage;
  • Making the best use of our assets to serve our communities.

Will my donation make a difference?

In 2019 a total of approximately £230 was received from collection boxes and other donations.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave so generously!

Margaret Norton


AFCLogoAction for Children

Annual Report (March 2020)

In July 2019 150 years of Action for Children was celebrated with a special service led by Christine Morgan.  In December £790 was raised from the Christmas card post box, Christingle service and the Christmas morning service.  The Home Collecting Boxes achieved a record sum of £488.  Some collectors have moved away and if anyone would like to have a box to collect for Action for Children please speak to Malcolm Souter.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Barbara Knee and Maureen Lewin


Fund for World Mission

Annual Report (February 2019)

Collectors and donors have very generously contributed £2035 to this worthwhile cause last year.  Anyone wishing to collect should please contact me through the church.  Thank you.

Maggie Shepherd