Wokingham Free Church Burial Ground

Free Church Burial Ground

Wokingham Free Church Burial Ground is a Charity managed by Trustees appointed by the Wokingham Baptist and Methodist Churches.  There are four Trustees from each church plus their respective Ministers, Revd Nick Hudson from the Baptist Church and Revd Catherine Bowstead from the Methodist Church.  The first interments took place in 1921 and to date just over 1000 people have been interred there.  There are separate areas for both grave and ashes plots.  Initially, only members of the Methodist and Baptist churches were buried at the Ground, but now permission for burial may be granted for anyone who was resident in Wokingham, provided their families agree to the current regulations.  The Secretary to the Trustees liaises with local funeral directors on plot availability, dates and costs.  Funeral Directors are able to provide booklets giving full details.

Anyone is welcome to visit at any time during the day, except when an interment is taking place.  Do please close the gate as you leave.

Free Church Burial GroundThe grounds are off the Reading Road past St Paul's Church, just beyond Skew Bridge.  They are well maintained by the groundsman and provide a peaceful spot for those visiting and reflecting.

Dorothy Adams – Secretary and Trustee  0118 9789605

Annual Report (February 2019)

The Burial Ground continues to provide a peaceful spot for people to visit and sit awhile, remembering their loved ones who have passed away.  It is well maintained by the groundsman, who is often on hand to speak to visitors should they wish to enquire about anything.

During the past year the Trustees have arranged for two new paths to be laid leading to the areas where ashes are interred, making access easier, particularly for those with mobility problems.

At the last meeting of the Trustees we agreed to make several donations to local causes, including the Link Visiting scheme, Wokingham Salvation Army's work with the homeless, Wokingham Foodbank and Soulscape for youth work, as well as contributing towards the CTW Live Nativity performance costs.  At the time of writing there is a proposal that at least three further donations should be made during the current financial year.

There have been five full burials and six ashes interments in the past twelve months.

Dorothy Adams