Craft @ 4 flyer

Craft @4 had a lovely time together on 23 May talking about Pentecost, making windmills and catching up after so long..... thank you so much to Blue Orchid Bakery for letting us shelter under the gazebo - the cakes went down well too!  We also enjoyed a picnic at Elms Field on 13 June.  Next meeting September - contact Claire for details.


Church @ 4 met for the first time on Sunday 8th September 2013.  We had a great time learning about the Parable of the Sower.  We started off in the Meeting Place making coasters and placemats with leaves and a verse from James 1, 'Accept the word that God plants in your hearts'.  We did some potato printing and made beaks to wear on our heads.  We then went into Church and had a short service with a video, stories, singing and some interactive prayers.  Finally, we all had a picnic tea and shared some time together.

Annual Report (February 2021)

Craft @ 4 has met throughout the year, either via zoom or on a couple of occasions in person.  We have enjoyed stories, crafts and being together.  We have distributed various crafts to do and some ideas of things to make from things we already have at home and activity sheets.

In June we enjoyed a picnic at Elms field which was very well attended and a great chance to be together.  We will continue to meet on the second Sunday of every month and will no doubt enjoy another picnic in the summer.

On Christmas Eve we held a lovely well attended Christingle Service on zoom and it was lovely to see families gathering to worship together from home and we enjoyed a lovely Christmas story told by Georgia.

Claire Knight


Creative SpiritCreative Spirit

First Sunday of each month, 10am - 12noon  (not July and August)

Beginning in September 2019 a new opportunity to worship was introduced here at Wokingham Methodist Church.  Open to all denominations, those with faith and those who are searching, it meets on the first Wednesday morning of each month (except July and August).  Following a long period of suspension during the pandemic, we re-opened on 1st September 2021 in the Hall.

The mornings begin with coffee, from 9.30am, followed by a short time of worship around 10am including prayer and Bible reading.  From this time of worship together there are opportunities to explore the reading through creative activities which are provided.  These might include painting, origami, clay, collage, creative writing, music, textiles and much more.  Some of the activities are ongoing, month by month; others change as we allow creativity to flourish!  The mornings finish with a short closing worship around midday and possibly, lunch.

In our first year we explored the seven miracles in John's gospel, linking them with the ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus.  At our September 2021 meeting we had a very enriching time thinking about harvest as we explored Psalm 65 in a variety of creative ways.  Whether you regard yourself as ‘a creative’ or not, you and your friends are warmly invited to join us as we learn and grow together.

Contact: Christine Morgan

Mar6WReport (March 2020)

In our March meeting we looked at the account of Jesus walking on the water as told in John 6:16-24.  We looked at a painting by Maggie Hambling which is part of the Methodist Art collection and talked about how the presence of Jesus helps us through the storms of life we encounter.

Once again the creative writing group produced some inspired work and we listened as they sang the song Pauline had written.  Small sailing boats were made out of card and paper, pastels were used to produce some watery images, leaves were stitched onto our banner and a mosaic for the café was started.  We were pleased to welcome members from Bracknell and Crowthorne churches and also from The Church @ The Pines.

Christine Morgan


Fresh Start!

Breakfast Church - Second Saturday of every month, 9 - 10.30am

‘Fresh Start’ is an example of something we are doing to welcome everyone from passers-by to those with strong life-long faith to share stories, spirituality and friendships.  After breakfast including ‘Muffin of the Month’ we will be following a bible story and will have different areas for people to join depending on how they are feeling or where they are on their faith journey.  These might be a bible study, some creative writing or a craft or just a quiet time of prayer.  The most important thing is that everyone feels at ease and comfortable no matter where they are on their faith journey and that they feel safe and welcome and able to ask questions without embarrassment or judgement.  Most of all ‘Fresh Start’ will be good fun for everyone.  It will be for individuals or entire families and will be a truly intergenerational experience.

If you would like to join us or even invite other people who would like a fun Saturday morning, we will be meeting in the Café every second Saturday of each month from 9-10.30am, starting on 11th September 2021.

If you would like to know more about any of our activities or feel called to help in any way then please do get in touch.

Contact: Claire Knight