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Church @ 4 met for the first time on Sunday 8th September 2013.  We had a great time learning about the Parable of the Sower.  We started off in the Meeting Place making coasters and placemats with leaves and a verse from James 1, 'Accept the word that God plants in your hearts'.  We did some potato printing and made beaks to wear on our heads.  We then went into Church and had a short service with a video, stories, singing and some interactive prayers.  Finally, we all had a picnic tea and shared some time together.

Annual Report (February 2019)

Church @ 4 has continued to run throughout 2018 with numbers varying quite widely.  In the summer we gathered at Langborough Rec and had a picnic and played games - even Bailey (my dog) enjoyed himself there.

Towards the end of the year, we felt that Church @ 4 could be done a little differently and we decided that a more relaxed session would be good.  In December we pioneered 'Craft @ 4' where families came and shared fellowship, crafts and food solely in the café area.  We had some powerful conversations and found that it was a very calm spiritual time of sharing.  We will continue with this format for the foreseeable future and hope that some of the wider congregation will support it as it is not a separate congregation but a key part of our whole church family.

Claire Knight


Creative SpiritCreative Spirit

Beginning in September 2019 a new opportunity to worship was introduced here at Wokingham Methodist Church.  Open to all denominations, those with faith and those who are searching it will meet in the Church on the first Wednesday morning of each month (except January, July and August).

The morning will begin with coffee, from 9.30am, followed by a short time of worship around 10am including prayer and Bible reading.  From this time of worship together there will be opportunities to explore the reading through creative activities which will be provided.  These might include painting, origami, clay, collage, creative writing, music, textiles and much more. Some of the activities will be ongoing, month by month.  Others will change as we allow creativity to flourish!  The morning will finish with a short closing worship around midday and possibly, lunch.

In our first year we will be exploring the seven miracles in John's gospel and linking them with the ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus.  Whether you regard yourself as ‘a creative’ or not you and your friends are warmly invited to join us as we learn and grow together.

Contact: Christine Morgan

Report (September 2019) Creative Spirit Sep 4

A small group met in church on Wednesday 4th September for the first of our new worship activities.  After sharing in a short of act of worship the morning was spent exploring the Wedding at Cana, the first miracle which occurs in John’s gospel.  Taking the theme of ‘Weddings’, we produced small flower arrangements and experimented with calligraphy.  Under Jane’s guidance we have started work on a Creative Spirit banner.  The opportunity to spend the morning reflecting and writing produced an account of the miracle from the point of view of one of the servants.

We will meet again on 2nd October when we will be exploring the Healing of the Official’s son (John 4:43-54).  We gather from 9.30am for coffee and chat before a short time of worship at 10am.  The morning is very informal and finishes after a closing act of worship at 12noon.  If you are not sure whether to join in then why not pop in during the morning and see what we are doing.

Christine Morgan