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2021: 'Build on a Strong Foundation'

WDPVanuatu2021Previously the Women's World Day of Prayer, this is a global event where every country around the world takes part in the same service on the same day.  Each year the service is written by women of a different country; this year it's the women of Vanuatu and the theme is: "Building on a Strong Foundation".

Through the worship service we hear the voices of the Vanuatu women, whom invite us to focus on the Bible story in Matthew 7:24-27.  Jesus tells a story about the kingdom of heaven using the image of a house and the land on which the house is built.  Choosing the land on which to build the house is an important decision for people in Vanuatu.  The combination of considering the terrain and the climate is crucial in a tropical archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean prone to earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions and rising sea levels.

In Wokingham, churches take turns to host the World Day of Prayer Service and this year it's the turn of Wokingham Baptist Church.  All Wokingham churches take part and are represented by readers.

The service will be held on Zoom on Friday 5th March, 7.00-8.30pm.

You can book your place:  https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on/online/online/world-day-of-prayer-2021/2021-03-05/19:00/t-orxdva  - please do join in if you can!

Note that this is how we have been asked to indicate that we would like to be a part of the service.  Although it asks for your details, there is NO booking charge!  Once you have downloaded your ‘ticket’ you will find the Zoom link at the end.

The World Day of Prayer relies on donations to make grants to projects throughout the world.  We would normally take up a collection, but as we cannot do so this year, please donate directly to the World Day of Prayer via their website:  https://www.wwdp.org.uk/product/make-a-donation.

More information:   worlddayofprayer.net/vanuatu-2021    www.wwdp.org.uk